Day’s done

It is af if a cloud has formed underneath me and has carried my tired, aching carcass and gave me a reprieve against all the bruisings I’ve had over the past weeks.

 I’m a bit surprised, because when I decided to see only the good in each day that comes, there is indeed little to complain about. A lot of stuff have suddenly sprung out from the woodwork, calling my attention to the wonders of creation, to the beauty of life.

It may not be bad, it’s like I am cruising through each day. Despite the seeming agitating and worrying situation all around, there’s something that is at peace within. Sublimeness I’ve never felt for a long time. I heeded some little voice and have posted the Desiderata here. For whatever it’s worth.

There’s so much work to do yet I still feel I can go on.

On a personal side, I still have to:

1. pay bills (utilities, bike registration, license renewal)

2. finish my research for a graduating student’s thesis (before mid-February)

3. send dogs over to vet for vaccines

4. write letters to

   a. Tox

   b. T. Bing

   c. La Jo

5. answer e-mails

6. organize house: kitchen, rooms, library

7. buy bleach and detergent 

8. see if I could enrol for summer term in university

9. Kayo’s story!!!

10. (open)

For work, I still need to:

1. Reach a peak speed

2. Improve output

3. Minimize absences and tardiness (tough job)

So, that’s a lot. A day at a time, a steady trickle will do the trick.

…I wonder where this sublime feeling came from… the tea I’ve been drinking, maybe.


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