The long day

Been spending my spare time making lists of things I have to do during my spare time.

So much to do and it seems that this week is taking too long to end.

I have already made blunders with the dates this week.

Blunder #1: I really, really thought it was already Saturday. Norie must be confused if he received my hurried text message this noontime asking him and Tate and Joei to cancel their plans tomorrow afternoon because we are going somewhere “fun”. Norie should know I’m at work from 2 pm to 10 tomorrow. I had to rectify the error but I left my phone at home. And I know these people, they are stickler to schedules and might have ill feelings if I just say, “Oops, change of plans. Sorry.” Nobody’d be pleased.

Blunder #2: I nearly wore to work the pair of jeans and t-shirt I had set out Wednesday evening because I thought the following day was already “dress-down-day”, which in the office happened to be on Fridays and Saturdays. It would have cost me a memo.

 Blunder #3: My ma is facilitating a workshop on Women and Leadership out of Manila. She informed me that it closes on Thursday when the delegates will go home to their countries. So, early Wednesday morning, which I thought was already Thursday, I sent her an SMS: “Hello ma, how did the workshop go? Bet ur tired. Please rest and take it easy 2day. Luv u.”

Okay, so my ma replied: “Hello ‘nak. Workshop will end tomorrow. Am here preparing for some morning activities. Have fun today. I love u.”

Talk about feeling sheepish.

It is a looong day, too. And a very hot one at that. Summer is already here and we’re not even out of January yet.

I won’t do overtime this Sunday. I really need a breather.

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