Phoenix’s lament for Andromeda

The despair was so deep in her eyes.

Her anguish and unanswered questions. Innocent questions of why, why her? And behind all of the pain, a very very faint glimmer of hope — the faith she holds on to in the midst of everything. But the glimmer is nearly gone — fading in the darkness of another ordeal she will be forced to face in the coming days. Because she is being put to the test again. And even her friend cannot comfort her at that hour of grief. Her friend lacked the skills to soothe with words and actions, the deep welling of affection and assurance would be incongruous in their mutual  distance. A friendship not born out of showy affections but from the calm and steady presence during those hours of need.

Her friend despairs for her. Another trial, another test of her courage. Her friend could only pray that she could make it.

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