Today’s weather provided the fitting atmosphere for my wistful mood. Grey clouds, wind whispering on the treetops, the possibility of rain, and the cold clammy hold of the air biting unmercifully against exposed skin.

A friend wishes out of her situation. Yet it seems that tentacles of cruelty and masochism are holding her pinioned to where she is right now. It might take an act of true strength for her to escape from the bondage she is in.

An sadly, nobody can be a hero in her time of need. But hope lies within herself. If she’d be strong and true to what she wants, all else would not matter. In the end, if she makes it, she’ll be tougher.

Musing aloud: if we are so free to make decisions to change the course of our destinies, why is it harder for some people to get away from hurtful situations — is it the Universe’s way of saying that that person has still stuff to learn within that mire? Uggh. What if the person wants to skip “levels”? Would there be a backlash later on?

 I’m cold. I’m hungry and my brain’s fried (as usual). Can anything be more beautiful than this?


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