Mi Corazon

My heart. It bleeds for those who try to eke out a living despite the economic travails that my country undergoes all the time.

Yesterday, Happykk vented her long-held frustration over some corporate brouhaha that rammed her head-on when she had been informed that a pat on her back was on the way. The powers that be acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened when they told her that what they had been planning for her was actually not coming into fruition. They told her after she had already undergone basic training and orientation regarding her supposed new responsibility. Turned out, there were a lot of people intent on pulling her down because they think they are better than her. I could only blame how things are run here on spineless entities that grasp the controls of this sinking ship.

~Haaah. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.~
Today, Hyacinth, though I have never known her to be a cheerful person, was dipped neck-deep in misery. Courtesy of the same entities responsible for Happykk’s unhappiness.

Someone, in my almost-forgotten years as a freelancer, had reminded me to BEWARE of corporations who insist on requiring their employees to be in business suits.

I’m beginning to wonder if what I’m experiencing now in this workplace is the general experience of those who work from 8 to 12 hours a day, slogging in front of an inanimate PC while all around piranha-like rank-and-file employees battle for top position, stepping on someone else’s toes and biting some off if there are others standing in their way to the coveted post. (A voice in my head just cackled, “Haha, you’re in for it now!”)

Really, I wish to cry with both my friends. To take their misery as my own. Maybe we should just get out from here ASAP when we can still swim to the surface.

Maybe this explains my bad hair day.


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