Schizo Chick

We show our personalities, even those things that we hide from ourselves, by the way we write.

Because of this, all throughout the years, I have tried to hide from myself by altering my penmanship and denying that I am feeling something. I fear that others might see my weaknesses in my writing and they might use these against me.

Yes, I am the consummate paranoid schizophrenic chick.

I like mind games and making people figure out what I’m feeling. I’ve mastered the art of truthful denial.

Yet, ~sigh, triple sigh~ I have a hankering to get away from this pseudologia I’ve woven about myself. To be laid bare and exposed to the jeers and taunts of a mob ready to burn me (again) at the stake. To be proclaimed weak and needful of the simplest gesture of kindness, a simple act of gentleness. And my life would have been made.

I have yet to make a consistent mark on paper.

Feyoh, 9 November 2006


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