I love scents. The different nuances in the air’s fragrance tell me the story that unfolds in the places where I move about.

Sometimes, I catch a whiff of something nice and I am immediately transported to a time and place where I had spent in the company of a particular fragrance. No cumbersome time machines or noisy and nerve wracking spinning to be transported back into a special past.

I keep a few bottles of essential oils by my bed and sometimes open a bottle at a time to let the fragrant spirit of the oil haunt me.

Personally, the oil which does me good is geranium. Some people find this noxious but, I don’t know, it braces me up in my frazzled days.

Rose oil reminds me of my own mother, who has planted rose bushes of different varieties all around our yard. She would be standing in front of a bloom every morning and chat with the flower as if it was a relative who came to visit. She’d do this to every blossom within and below eye-level. I sprinkle rose oil all around when I miss my ma, especially on days when I can’t talk to her on the phone.

The warmth embrace exuded by Jasmine oil makes me feel as if my brother’s spirit is near. I remember the first time we learned to make scented candles and my brother had poured more than the prescribed amount of scent into the wax. When we were finished with the first batch, his candles were so fragrant that there was no necessity of labeling what their scent was. We used those candles as our mild sedative whenever we wanted to relax after a hard day.

But there are smells that need not come from a bottle and I’d still have some nostalgic moments.

Sweet-smelling newly cut grass in a cool summer afternoon (memories of carefree days in the company of playmates and away from schoolwork).

Woody tobacco smells and the aroma of freshly brewed dark, dark coffee conjure up images of grandfathers involved in serious talks around a kitchen table just after daybreak.

The smell of onions and peppers in scrambled eggs remind me of happy Sundays when my cousins visit over the weekend. Even now, the aroma of sauteed onions and spices often induce me in a happy fit of giggles.

Ok, ok. I’m sentimental today. The week’s been so hectic I long for something to soothe me.

I could use a massage.

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