word for the day: remanence

first job for the day: something to do with marine geology
initially liked the file as i could [somewhat] understand what was being discussed. yet the mind-numbing error identification nearly made me lose my temper. finished it [complete with conversions] nearly three hours later.


Costa del Sol (Malaga onwards)… when, oh when, can i visit the place??? Kayo’s been there.

Images of Old Cubao

Whiling the time after school in the basement foodcourt of SM with a bowl of maki-mi from BodhiBodhi.

Window shopping kitsch at Ali Mall’s [now defunct]Gift Gate.

Buying a large-size juice in Country Style [also in Ali Mall] to have an excuse for overstaying in one of their comfy booths, ogling at the passersby on their way either to the bus terminal or to the MRT station in Fairmart.

Watching movies ’till last full show then coming out and discovering that it is raining. The rush and the slight dread of frantically flagging a speeding taxi for the ride home after such nights.

The still-standing Blue Magic [in Ali Mall] for “novel” gift ideas and treats for the sense of touch. I still want a fluffy cat sitting on a pillow heart!!!

Picture taking [just keep an eye out for the security guard] in Ali Mall’s parking lot

Annoying the snobbish saleslady at SM who follows you around through every aisle in the toiletries department as if you are going to slip something in your bag by carrying a bottle of shampoo from one end of the aisle and placing it back on the display shelf, ten aisles down from where you got it

Asking for Max Factor Lipstick #233 from a demo girl and surprising you by actually producing the product from her display and giving you a useful tip on how to best use it

Watching artists do caricatures.

Watching artists airbrush t-shirts and convincing you to get one of their works.

Free samples of new food products at Rustan’s grocery.

Free samples of perfumes and/or lotions at Rustan’s cosmetics department.

Green mango shake at Mango Brutus.

Going home on a “patok” jeepney and hollering your lungs out near your stop just to be heard over the thumping hiphop beat that patok drivers love to play during their runs.

Passing through Fiesta Carnival and wondering what causes the stickiness of the floor.


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