Someone just pulled the rug from underneath me.

I am now floating in a vat of amniotic fluid mixed with hydrocholric acid. I want to cry but I cannot. It would absolutely look stupid crying in the relative quiet of this net cafe. I can’t go into so much details. But all the same, it would suffice to say that I am angst-ridden because of what I’ve read in an e-mail just now.

An admixture of disgust and disbelieve is trying to come out through my throat. I feel so betrayed.  And by someone so close to me.

The feeling that this person is all along something else than what this person has tried to present to the world for many years had suddenly been validated. Uggh. [swears#@$###@]

I hate this threshold of knowing that nobody is perfect. Ever. I wish for some hole to crawl into.


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