Sunday Musings

sticky word: pathetic

maybe i’m being a snob… but i think it is a pathetic waste of time to place my entire future on an septuagenarian who lives off cheap wines and cold dinners and whose ideal way of finding a mate is through a PC monitor. urrgh. i’m having a huge case of blahs as a number of forty-something women slowly filled the net cafe I’m holed up in and started their on-line relationships with someone sitting half naked in a basement half a world away.

oh, an amusing thing though is the cultural exchange that happens in these events. funny but all parties involved get to learn something from each others’ cultural background.

lady in a too-tight spaghetti-strapped blouse: Is he completely toothed?
[apparently her friend’s on-line with an octogenarian]

and they call me antisocial.


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