Spring cleaning is up and I still think Black is the way to go. I’ve tried the different templates available from Blogger [as I am feeling lazy to cook up my own template] but I still reverted to my well-loved jet hue.

My supervisor often chides me because of my all-black wardrobe most days of the week. He’d catch my eye and shake his head, saying, “You’re in Satanic black again”. Hey, thanks for the flattery.

Really, since when did “Satanic” equate with “black”? Oh, I get it. The eternal stereotype of

black = evil
left = sinister, wayward [I’m left-handed, by the way]

Some shop window has displayed these words of wisdom:

women who wear black lead interesting lives

And by the way, there are companies out there who immediately give higher salaries to left-handed employees in expectation of their potentials (I’m retrieving some reference citation for this as proof)

Now, isn’t that something?

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