A Quest

A stretch of gold unfolds before my eyes each time I start my workday. The wind feels coarse against my skin as the westerly breeze blows through where I sit tinkering with the laptop. I squint every once in a while as the Sun adjusts his position in the periwinkle sky overhead. Sometimes, I have to shift my desk’s position so as not to be scorched by the rays from the heavenly body. The palm trees provide enough shade throughout the entire afternoon I’m out here — I only need to move every four hours to stay within shadows, allowing me to stretch my numbed limbs.

The muffled rustle of sand is a familiar sound which accompanies my regular work day. I don’t even mind the hum of the backup generator anymore — I used to when I came here three months ago. There are so many things I got used to over that span of time. The dromedaries grunting in their watering hole nearby. The sight of turbaned men and veiled women walking in a manner that is both stately and mysterious provides an interesting foreground for the golden desert stretching miles and miles into the far off horizon. The sharp scent of spices brought over from far off towns and cities is a soothing contrast to the dry, scorched smell of the desert.

My work does not go smoothly at times, especially if the funding entities for the excavation project get testy over the delayed reports. Or we have a hard time gaining access into the caverns because of ancient cave-ins and equipment have to be ordered from another country. Customs have embargoed more than a handful of precious project equipment since day 1 of the project. But I guess everything is worth it, in the end. We are unearthing another part of the tapestry of our rich human history. When everything here is uncovered, humanity will be nearer to an anwer to the age-old question: “What does it mean to live in this earth, as part of this universe?”

Reality bites
~Sigh. If only….
Ah well, I’m slacking off again, obviously. Back to work, which is done in an enclosure with artificial air and no sunlight. The above dreamscape comprises what my ideal day at work is. Take note, there’s no airconditioning.


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