I’ve hit a motherlode while touring the net…

Some of my old posts were displayed at Technorati when I [narcissitically, of course] searched for brokencoffee. I decided to disregard my ranking.

Also, instead of reposting those days-old compositions, I decided not to.

Because, and I am blushing as I write this, those were mostly rants. I have decided to do away with so much negativity and focus on what is beautiful in each day instead .

Stumbling across my previous posts was really an eye-opener. I’m embarassed that it seems that all i ever do is complain how the world’s victimizing me. And yet, I have not been proactive in making things better.

No, I haven’t hit my head or anything. It’s just that, the world does not owe me anything. As it is, I am the freeloader.

To be alive as each sunrise bursts forth from the horizon is already a great gift.

I am learning to be content.


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