Thank you…

I am presently encountering a backlash from the Universe — or from forces of nature. I have not appropriately acknowledged the graces I received last week and now the Universe is teaching me not to take things for granted and to be aware of the blessings — whethere these are big, Wow-able things or simple ones that can brighten up one’s dreary day.

Wish am not yet too late in saying Thank you for

– the sachets of peppermit tea from Lurchie
– the nice conversations with Tara that lift me from the humdrum of each workday
– the smile of friends
– the embrace of loved ones
– Tata’s continuous work in landscaping and beautifying our home
– the pets that make me smile with their antics
– the Black Sambo [Tara’s treat] I had for dessert this dinnertime
– the new digicam from Tita Bing
– the courier duties of my mother so the digicam could reach me
– the posts in other blogs describing other people’s lives
– the Internet access in this office, which gives a welcome break before my mind gets so fried
– the Sun shining out
– the small surprises each day of the week brings, which are intended to make me appreciate life all the more
– the previous weekend’s respite from the workload…

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