A day in the life of a data specialist, AKA Copyeditor

It used to be
That a dash is a dash
No matter in between what words it is squashed
And verbs act as descriptions
Of how things are done
Whether picking roses
Or picking noses
It didn’t matter who’s doing what
Or how many are there doing that
But that was how it was in the past
For now
It’s minding p’s and q’s
And seeing that i’s have dots
If that is how it must be so
As the author wants it
As the publisher wants it
So service with a smile
Leave creative writing a while
It’s not gonna work
Grammatically correct
Essential, essential
Dots after sentences
Syntax, parallels
And technical jargons
Strung in a wire



  1. All these things all went down into one simple yet very hard to follow rule “Follow Author, coz he’s the author, obviously he knows best,hehehe”.

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