Lousy poetry

Benumbed dura mater
Come make sense
Do not falter
Cost of living
And lifestyle support
Hang in the balance
Of thy proper functioning

What must you need?
Megadosing of ascorbates don’t help
Nor fish oil nor food supplements
Boasting capabilities
Just short of raising Lazarus
They’re all candy-coated baby aspirins

Frustration’s nearly reached boiling point
Must I rant like so?
Must I tear my hair out like so?
Must I run out screaming bloody murder?
Must I cry?
Must I go?
Must I stay?

Enlighten me, dura mater
Do not turn unconscious
Or lapse into comatose
We’re in this together
Benumbed both we are
We dream of easy heavens
And balmy beaches
Guiltless riches
So stay there, dura mater
Stay awake
…though barely
Just stay


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