Tata’s predicament

Tata sprained his foot after Valentine’s day.

He was going downhill on his motorcycle when saw someone he knew off a distance. Friendly person that he is, he tried to hail his friend. It would have been fine if a lanzones sapling wasn’t growing a little too close to the middle of the pathway where Ta was driving. It was a bit too late for him to avoid the sapling yet he still managed to swerve and avoid ending the young tree’s life. However, the young tree’s parent was close by and a tall person that Ta is, his knee jutted out when he made the sharp swerve. His knee violently kissed the parent tree’s trunk. He lost control of the motorcycle in that hilly bit of path, and he must have seen stars when his attempt to stop the skidding bike with his foot was thwarted by the success of a renegade root’s wicked scheme to trip him, resulting in my man’s genuflection on the dry earth. That his tendons snapped must have gone unnoticed in the commotion when his friend burst through the bushes and tried to help Ta up, who has kissed the ground after the initial genuflect.

A hilot has eased some of the throbbing pain of his swollen foot. And Ta has to rest for a while. He is not used to being immobile for long periods. He always has work to do and he is very put out with his present situation and kept on apologizing. I told him it may be that his body is telling him that he needs to take things slowly for now.

Presently, he is home-bound and hobbles to get from Point A to Point B. He frets about his immobile state but can’t do anything about it. He winces, frowns, stares at the TV, winces, frowns, checks if the swelling of his foot has gone down, looks out into the garden, winces, frowns, checks…

This morning, he asked for some needle, durable thread and scraps of cloth. Before I left for some overtime work in the office I saw him cutting out some shapes from the scraps of cloth I gave him. I kissed him bye and wished him luck with his arts and craft project. He gave me a wry smile.

Pictures courtesy of Bata and Saloon Ghost Tour


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