This is why I hate people who don’t think

Overheard in the office canteen:
(A mother-to-be lunching with her coworkers)

Guy with buckteeth: Mummy, kabalo na ka unsa imo baby pagguwas? [Mommy, do you already know the sex of your baby when it comes out?]

Preggy woman: Wala pa baya. [Not yet.]

Girl in pink blouse with newly-rebonded hair: Unsa kaha ug bayot? [What if it’s gay?]

(They laughed.)

Girl in black blouse with smudged eyeliner: Ok ra dagway bayot oi. Luod kayo ug tomboy. [It may be ok if it’s gay. It would be gross if it’s a lesbian.]

Preggy woman: (between chews) Bitaw, ug bayot, daghan talent. Makakwarta ta. Hahahahaha. [Yeah, if gay, it’ll have lots of talent. I’ll have money with it. Hahahahaha.]

(They all laughed. Guy with buckteeth choked on his fish escabeche.)

I pity the unborn bayot.

[Use of ‘it‘ to refer to the baby is intentional to match the tone of conversation.]


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