Testimonials from the losing end

I guess those who have power for the meantime find it easy to win in battles.

Tonight, the War for the Airconditioning Remote was finally declared over. Our front lost to the Guardians of the Ballet Shoes and Spaghetti Straps. Their reinforcements were so vast and so powerful with the secret weapon known as the no-brainer battle technique The Memo.

This dirty tactic was invented by the Coldhearted minions of the Ice Castle [in the middle of the musty desert]. It is classified as a biological weapon masquerading as a sheet of paper. Once hit by The Memo, the victim experiences nausea, weakening of the limbs, inability to think clearly, drying of the mouth, cold sweats, and deliriousness. Extreme cases could lead to insanity, loss of livelihood, and even death. The incubation period is for seven months. Contracting The Memo and surviving the first onset of the illness does not guarantee immunity. In fact, the victim has to be very careful from then on in, lest The Memo develops into its more lethal strain, The Termination Paper. Doctors and medical researchers are still at loss for a cure. Swift and sudden death results from this complication.

So now, with the Guardians of the Ballet Shoes and Spaghetti Straps ruling the roost, we tread lightly, albeit with violent shivers racking our bodies and frostbitten limbs. As the Guardians of the Ballet Shoes and Spaghetti Straps are thick skinned, they are impervious to the sub-zero temperature of this battlefield.

I wanted to cry but I just found out that my tears are frozen. Drat!



  1. wait…who are the Guardians of the Ballet Shoes and Spaghtetti Straps?! Update please…that place has really turned into a cold hell…

  2. These are the Security Guards, vested with a lethal dose of power. We cannot enter the gates if we are wearing un-coordinated wardrobe, e.g., our shoes don’t match our bags, our trouser are of the wrong length.

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