A long sigh and a shake of the head… losing end all over again

Whatever the events that transpired during this day, no matter how broke I will be in the days to come before the next payday, I will not allow these situations to affect my resolve to be happy.

I’ll just jot down this poem to vent…

Fingers flurry
Rushed deadlines
Mandatory overtime
Injustice incorporated
Sweat’s not allowed
It ruins the keyboard
It fades the paint
Never mind the demands
Work, work, work
Delighting the clients
Product’s sickening brand
No rest
Twenty four and seven
These were just numbers
Now they are values
Endure or fold
Survivor-mode episode
Unpaid OT rates
Where greed dominates

***You see, we didn’t get any tax refund from our last year’s contribution. There are at least three former accountants in our deparment and they are still shocked when the news leaked out.

I’m sorry, I DO love my job but I HATE the company culture.


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