Panhandle grouse

I told my mother through SMS about my present financial situation. She could only reply with texting’s equivalent to a weak chuckle. We are in the same boat; her having started a new job and unexpected expenses that came with moving her stuff to the new place where she’s now staying (at least her board and lodging are taken care of by her new employer) and me being in charge of the “tribe’s” household expenses as well as the out-of-budget taxes and penalties I had to pay for the property and utility services ^fighting for breath^.

Who’d have expected that March is still tax month? I thought the internal revenue would get tired of yammering for people to pay their dues to the government by the end of January and wouldn’t be collecting again until next year.

Yet, I can’t help feeling like a good citizen when I paid all those horrendous amounts and handed in return, sheafs of paper each half a meter long that served as the government receipt. What a waste of paper. May I suggest smaller slips of papier for receipts, as most people just crumple them afterwards and throw them into expectant waste bins. I can’t help wonder how many trees were sacrificed for those “ORs”.

So I’m broke. Everybody I know is broke… Especially since [me and my co-workers] had wrongly assumed that we’d be getting tax refund and had spent our salary on essentials without attempting to stretch the budget.

My mother’s sweet and sent me this SMS:

Thank u God 4 our jobs whch provide 4 us insufficient funds 4 our needs & sufficient faith that you’ll provide the rest.

I had to smile because this is my reality. No matter how I grouse that what I earn’s never gonna be enough, our tribe could still get by… sometimes with a bit for extra.


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