Morning shiftiness

I arrived earlier for today’s shift than I did yesterday.

So tallying what’s gonna be docked from my pay for two days’ worth of tardiness:

Tuesday — 46 minutes
Wednesday — 14 minutes

= 1 hour

I really meant to come early.

But my eyelids refused to cooperate. They remained resolutely closed until there was little light outside. Then they grugingly opened. It was only then that I could stumble my way to the bathroom.

It’s understandable for myself since I had been used to waking up around ten or eleven in the morning — as I had been on the night shift for several months already and my body is still adjusting to the change of shift. But payroll would not understand. And I won’t elaborate on the reasons why as payroll does only what it is meant to do.


Yet I digress. I decided to be in the morning shift. But only temporarily.

My brain is still in sleep mode.



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