Nascent thoughtforms

This isn’t about ending my life or anything… but ever since Tara showed me a page where people listed what they wanted to do before they died, a morbid sense of excitement has welled up in me.

Anemone (that annoying entity with a tinny voice residing in my head) has instantly grabbed a stub of pencil and sheafs of paper and has written a mile-long list of what she wanted to be or do before I (we) die… She’s kept shoving it into my conscious thought and won’t let up with her annoying chant of “Destiny, destiny, destineeeeeee!!!!” until i write at least twenty of those stuff I might consider doing before my expiration date comes up… we never know for sure, as it is.

So, dear reader, here are some stuff I (with Anemone’s prodding) would want accomplished before I do an exeunt…

  1. Write and direct a full-act puppet show for kids and those kids-at-heart
  2. Finish writing Kayo’s story and have it published
  3. Spend a day being a listener and avoid interjecting conversations with a “Me, too!” monologue
  4. Re-read all books in my personal library [>300] and write impressions that are at least three paragraphs long for each book read
  5. Have a day off in a spa with my mother
  6. Spend a whole week with Tata touring the entire province riding a motorcycle and sleeping out in the open
  7. See Umberto Eco in person [if he’s still living at that time]
  8. Spend half a year each in Germany and France, taking photographs of castles and cathedrals
  9. Put up a magazine [i dunno yet what the contents should be]
  10. Hold a tarantula up close for at least a minute’s duration [cold shivers ran up my spine just thinking about this, brrrrrrrrrr;ewwwwwwwww]
  11. Take up an exercise regimen i could do at least three times a week [i’d probably have longer days on earth]
  12. Laugh more often
  13. Look 12 years younger than my age without any cosmetic or surgical “assistance”
  14. Get a PhD in Anthropology and have a professorship in a respectable university
  15. Guide Faith in her growing up years, while at the same time learning valuable lessons about life from her
  16. Watch a sunset together with Tata
  17. Try to grow a garden
  18. Ride horses again
  19. Never make the same mistake of sacrificing principles for financial gain
  20. Be at peace with myself
  21. Co-author a family semi-autobiography with my mother

There’s still so much stuff Anemone is cranking out about but this will suffice for now.



  1. lets start an online one for now…! wahihihi.. yeah.. i dream of a lot of things, too. i dont know if im ever going to accomplish them, but im trying to. hehe i still dont know where to start. in fact, i dont know which one i want the most. 🙂

    good luck, te mich!

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