CEDs got the bug


Extremely lethal bug epidemic strikes!

It’s contagious… As of writing, the bug has claimed 3 new victims in this joint and they have been displaying the usual initial symptoms:

  • itching fingers
  • selective hearing
  • obsession with a computer keyboard
  • severe uncontrolled trembling when they are placed 50 meters away from their keyboards
  • staring into space
  • produces a manifestation of the disease in the form of a blog

The bug, Bloggeritus copieditii, is a seasonal neuronal microorganism which lives off human hosts who have an affinity for words and literature. This bug is usually present even in utero but usually remains dormant within the host’s central nervous system.

Environmental triggers such as extreme boredom, sudden inspiration, the uncontrollable urge to put feelings and thoughts into writing usually creates the ideal environment for the bug to become active, feeding off the literary juices which flow from the victim’s grey matter.

So far, when the symptoms progress,  a blow to the head to induce temporary amnesia is the only known antidote. But previous victims have found it more convenient to let the microorganism feed off their hosts in certain occasions.

This joint was given a list of the latest victims of B. copieditii (in alphabetical order):

  1. Dean
  2. Lorilyn
  3. Orven

We here in this joint offer our deepest sympathy for these victims.


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