Elfin encounters

There’s an elf in the office.

Although invisible, it makes its presence felt by the tracks of candies and chocolates it leaves in its wake.


I have not attempted to uncover the identity of the elf, as it might bring bad luck. After all, elves tend to be happy in its stopovers when there’s no evidence that they have been discovered. As a token of appreciation for the joy it imparts during its visits, I just happily eat the sweets it leaves behind on my workstation.

 Thank you, elf. Whoever you are. 🙂


  1. haha am i the elf? 😛

    mm… yummeh tsokletz n candies n stuff.. i wonder why the elf didnt stop by MY workstation.. =/ *i wanna cry..*

  2. ei lurch… sorry it’s a different entity.

    but if you want the elf to visit your workstation, you must say the words “hungry”, “sweet”, and “sirbern, do you have candies?” in a teeny voice and the elf would surely hear you.

    good luck in the elf quest. and thank you for the rescue.

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