the morning after

four hours of sleep and i’m still good to go.


after a bit of a temperamental mess up, lori, len, myself and the admixture of various guests and acquaintances managed to have a clean good fun. after all, it was lori’s 22nd birthday.

after the “escape from the bathroom” incident, which happened so fast no one seemed to notice, lori, len, and i headed off on the motorcycle under the searing heat of the summer sun to neva’s for their kuripot pizza.

neva’s is a pizza/pasta/etcetera house nestled in a quiet subdivision street corner in sillimaniana territory. students of my college alma mater are its most numerous customers owing to the establishment’s close proximity to the university. word of mouth has helped spread the reputation of the fare offered by neva’s.


lori and i have been there once before when i took a friend for a birthday treat. although we had to wait for an hour for our order to arrive [there was a mix up] we actually liked the pizza – especially the “kuripot” ones.



these kuripot, filipino for miserly, pizza are so called because of the affordable price range [less than a hundred pesos for a thin crust] and the

substitution of mozzarella for cheddar cheese (an aside: filipinos usually prefer the cheddar to mozzarella. they usually find the former more flavorful and savory than the former, finding mozzarella to be “rubbery”

and “bland”, Sample respondent; personal communication). they have flavored toppings such as hawaiian, hungarian, chicken primavera, and pepperoni. my favorite so far is chicken primavera [chicken curry topping].


luck was with us as the place was not yet full when we got there. lori ordered takeout. while waiting for the pizza, we posed for pics. [will post them later]. the cam ran out of batteries just as the pizza arrived.



then it was off to the races.

[rockyou id=62385618&local=true&w=400&h=120]

or rather, to lori’s place in valencia. we had to stop for a while in the valencia marketplace for ice cream.


so there, lori’s birthday party was set.

turned out, instead of just the ice cream and pizza, there was also a great spread cooked by lori’s pa in anticipation of many, many guests. len and i ate till our eyes bugged out and we could barely breathe. and that was just the meal cooked by lori’s pa. we tackled the pizza and ice cream afterwards when our air passages cleared a bit.

at lori’s bidding, i called tata to come over. he came with faith and norie and a couple of other guys. then lori’s neighbors and relatives came. the guys got busy around the billiard table and faith was our uncomplaining audience when lori brought out the videoke and we bawled our lungs and guts out.

it was fun like i’ve never experienced in months! and i’m happy because i was with len and lor. it was nearly eleven o’clock when we decided to stop torturing the neighbors with our howls and wails. at the billiard tables, the players were whittled down to two – tata and lori’s pa.

we decided to go outside. it was a warm night and the moon was out. the three of us talked about stuff under the shadow of the coconut trees. i know that we could have gone on talking until the early hours of dawn but we had to be in the office before six am the next morning so we had to go. faith was already sleepy, too.

there was so much left unsaid but i know i love them both. i’m happy to have these two women as my friends.


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