Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick…

I’m counting down. 

In less than two weeks I’m out. Out of this office building. Out of this job I had for more than a year.

It would be unfair to say that all I ever got from this “career” is a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach from the emotional roller coaster ride that is usual of my time-in through time-out itinerary and the constant feeling that I’m being cheated out of something [yeah, that’s the sound of a gripe].

Yep, it would be very unfair to just hit the spotlight on all those pains and agony.

I’d rather that all those things that are worth smiling for take center stage and be etched in my memory of this chapter of my life.

I’m going back to the city where I was born. To start new things. Test my wings to see if I could already fly. Whether I make it or be broken in the process, I still have to find out how I’ll fare. 

I am not someone who’s good at saying things in person, especially if it is to say how I feel. I find that my thoughts are more coherent if written down. But still, I grapple, things don’t seem to come out right in writing this time, for words to offer for those who have become my friends. Friends who make each day here in the workplace less of a struggle. Friends who are the very reason I haven’t shipped out sooner.

For all those I’ve shared with them, I could only say thank you. Little words. But I mean these.



  1. *sob* ur making ME cry… its not yet goodbye.. it never will be.. it’s arrivederci ate mich! im sure we will meet again. 😉
    *sigh* but i dont want you to gooooooo…….. ur probably the only sane of the many insane ones all over the joint. hehe mwah mwah
    thank you for putting up with me 😛

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