Sorry. Can’t help it. Been tossing and trawling through almost all of wordpress’ blog themes, trying finding something that fits my mood today. I think I’ll settle on this one for now, the girl in green with a bit of abs [i wish] showing.

can’t think straight these days. my thoughts are clipped on a clothesline in torn bits and pieces, incoherent phrases and single-word adjectives, broiling under the sun. turning into indedible crisps. a big part of me is high strung and listless. waiting for the moment to do the right thing, say the right words.

i’m useless and almost everything at work today. for the first time, i’ve logged a wrong file in my tracking system [eyes wide in disbelief, out of breath] and even if i’m half-way done with my shift, i still have no output!

i wish i were home and in bed.



  1. ang sabihin mo, you’re itching to get out! WAHAHAHA! you’ll find it very liberating once you’re on your last day…ikaw naman, trying to get rid of the system too early..hehehe

  2. ei kai, you’re in a good mood these days. what’s your blog, is it the phantasm or the dancing one? i posted a comment in the phantasm. glad you’re posting again.

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