Almost forty-eight hours already. Am in another world.

I have left a world surrounded by greenery, cool evening breezes, free flowing water, open blue skies and beckoning fields.

Am now in concretized territory, the roads seethe with heat, the skies are leaden gray and tall buildings frown impersonally at the sidewalks.

I miss Tata, I miss Faith. I miss the dogs and the cats. The blooms. The hoot of the owls at night. I even miss the croak of the woodland frog who has found residence in one of Tata’s ponds, even when a week ago I wanted to nuke the pond because of the croaking that kept me up all night.

I could fret how hot it is and how unnervingly fast paced everything is. But I feel at peace. This is where I was born. Where I’m staying is three minutes’ walk away from the hospital where I was delivered twenty something years ago.

This morning I walked past the fences of my alma mater of my elementary and high school years.

I went to the house my mother owned and later today to the house of my great grandparents.

Yep, everything’s hectic. And it’s back to having to bathe at least twice a day to feel refreshed.

I’m in another world, but in this one, everything also feels like home.


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