I wish Willy Wonka was here

I’m washed over by homesickness…

My mind is running reels of film of my carefree days with Faith and Ta and the pets and the friends I have in another island in the big archipelagic, economically challenged mess that is my country. And it’s taking all of my willpower to stop myself from bawling “I wanna go home!” even though this is also my home.


But I’ll digress a little. It’s probably boredom that’s making me want to take the next available flight back to Dumaguete City.

I’ve been cooped up in the house for the last couple of days.

What?! No shopping?!!!

Yes indeedy! I haven’t made any cash registers sing in that distinctive metallic soprano voice of theirs. I’m cash strapped and relying on the goodwill of others for spare change just so i could load my cell phone and call the loved one who has stayed behind hundreds of miles away in another island. It’s pathetic and it’s a long story. But the end total of it is I’m all broke. So I’m in the house doing a LOT of reading and thinking. I haven’t started teaching the kids yet. The art supplies are still with the couriers and they’re in no hurry to deliver them.

But i did get to see a long-missed landmark when I went with my mother to her house in Cubao last Tuesday. It’s that chocolate castle standing in the midst of a moat of congested traffic and snarled electrical wirings… a castle whose turret rose in majestic pride, standing proud in the foreground of leaden gray skies.

I’ve been thinking that it is a fitting place of residence for Sir Bern, the wonderfully generous, sweet elf in my former office.

The Castle of Baking and Confectionery Arts is located in P. Tuazon corner Benites streets in QC. It isn’t so hard to find. The place is a haven for those who love chocolates, baking, and pastries. The monarchs of the Choco Castle have baking supplies and offer baking lessons, too.

Here, I’ll post some pics I took as our taxi passed through it on our way to my mom’s house (we used to live nearby).



Mmmm. It’s nice that some people never lose touch of their whimsical sides. I’m glad that the fairytale spirit still lives on.

Hey… that cheered me up a bit.

Maybe I was exaggerating a bit when I said I didn’t get out of the house for the last couple of days. I did. I walked for maybe fifteen minutes. And bought some personal stuff I forgot to pack in my luggage from Valencia.

And what I’ve been reading are enjoyable stuff. I never realized that Garfield could be entertaining. And there’s so much of Roald Dahl’s work lying around the house so i plan to go through the entire collection available. Nevermind that it seems kid stuff. There are lessons and nice insights into the peculiarities of humanity in this guy’s work.

The books on queue in my reading list include

  • The Twits

  • Matilda (more entertaining than the movie version)

  • Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and

  • James and the Giant Peach

So there. I’d have something to occupy my mind for the next few days and dissipate the homesickness I’m feeling.

Perhaps tomorrow I’d go out again for a walk. Or water the plants. Or stay online.

Who knows?


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