it’s days like this when stars are cold and the air is still

that i miss all that i ever was

all the places i have gone

all the people i’ve loved

it’s nights like this

when skies are clear blue

and birds wing their way across treetops

that i wish

it were tomorrow again

see faces

and hold hands

with dear friends

and pick a fight

with an old enemy or two

it’s hours like this

when years seem like centuries

and seconds can’t cry coz

their tears have dried

that i long for days past

when all i’ve known

are what still made the world work

and all i believed in

are still what moved mountains

it’s the silences like this

when stereos blare old songs

and strums of chords

batter my ears

transporting me in time


yet sweetly

to days when all i know

are the music of my time

the power chords sublime

the rhythm of ancient drumbeats

and the throb of my aching heart

longing for yestertimes

to be here


and now

so i could sing

in that familiar key

in the days

when all was safe

and all sounded good

play music

in harmony

as the voice of one…


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