A hungry rambling

I’m hungry.

It’s thirty-six minutes past one in the afternoon and i am hungry.

It’s a Thursday and I’m holed up in an internet cafe where the ambience and the coolness of the air remind me of my old workplace in Dumaguete. And I am hungry.

I read blogs by my friends and answer friendster messages from friends. And I am hungry.

I glance around the entire cafe and see at least four cute guys huddled over their PCs. And I am somewhat not hungry anymore.

I feel my nose threatening to run away with the cold I caught while visiting a hospital emergency room four days ago when we brought our housemate in for tetanus shots because he stepped on a nail and I am hungrier and queasier.

I wait for the SEO gig keywords to appear in my gmail account while hear in the next computer terminal a guy swearing at his opponents in a frenetic war game. And I get hungrier. 

I think about the art class I’m teaching this afternoon and I am still hungry.

I wonder where I’ll eat lunch when I get out of here and my mouth waters. I’m very, very hungry.

I shall shut up now. I need food. I need sustenance. I need………………………


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