Between friends

For want of something to write, here’s what i’ve been reading lately:


It’s Between Friends — Writing Women Celebrate Friendship, edited by Mickey Pearlman.

It’s interesting because in more ways than one, writers are reclusive and it is somewhat unbelievable that they can maintain something as socially interactive as friendship — that relationship requiring a lot of effort to keep in touch and caring for and caring about  from both parties.

And indeed, that concern was even discussed in the intro of the book by the editor herself.

Yet, compiled in the book are essays from writers about precious memories of their friends and their experience of lasting friendships.

I’ve browsed through some of the essays and the general verdict is that the book is quite riveting. I am not halfway through it yet. I plan to savor each and every piece. Enjoying those as I go along.

I’ll just lift off this quote from the book as an ode to my friends (who may be reading this)

I always felt

that the greatest high privilege;

relief and comfort

of friendship

was that one had to

explain nothing

             — Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923)



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