An Update About Miss Guided Muffet

It seems that Miss Guided Muffet has irked other people other than myself with her insipidous charm.

Far as I am from Dumzville (Dumaguete for those who want the appropriate geographical name), I have received update that Miss Guided Muffet has exited the Golden Gates of The Concentration Camp and has now spread her ruffled, sequined wings towards the Great City.

And never once did she ever give any news of what has happened to her, just so to quell the fears of those who are left behind — that perhaps, she didn’t make it in the Big, Big World Outside.

What could the reason possibly be?

Maybe it was so much a bother for her to make use of her thumb to send an SMS to anyone of the people whom she called assets friends when she was still in the grip of the Fuhrer inside the Concentration Camp. Or maybe she does not have any one peso to spare to send off a message saying am ok.

If that was the case, she could have sent in a dove with an olive branch between its beak. Those doves have cheaper air rates. That could have been equated as good news already and could spare all those people rooting for her escape the added burden of worrying. wondering. worrying. wondering. about what happened to her.

The Wimpy Kitty Cat tried to communicate with her, and was rewarded with nothing. Andromeda, too. But still — silence.

Personally, it is really a bad move to burn bridges. Bad escape plan. Bad strategy in life.

As for Miss Guided Muffet, if she’s in the Great City already, I sincerely hope that she’s alive and well and that she wasn’t run over by a bus or that she didn’t accidentally trip and fall headlong onto the MRT tracks while the train for 5:05 pm was approaching Ortigas station.

Well, that could be one reason she didn’t contact anybody back where she came from.

But I’ll never know for sure.

I so hate user-friendly people.



  1. it took me AGES to figure this one out.. hehe now i get it.. i think. 😀 and i also think i share your sentiments(?). hehehe oh well.. people are people. 😉

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