Morning bliss

The Sun peers up shyly from the tree tops. It is as if he does not want to disturb Night’s work just yet, content only in sending down tentative rays of light that barely reach the dew-blanketed ground.

Birds are calling their neighbors to an early breakfast. The mountain air is cool. Leaves rustle in the soft breeze. A rooster clears his throat outside the hut and utters a muffled scream for his brood to come down from their perch. I hear the hens and chicks scrabble the earth for pre-breakfast morsels below the window.

I wake up and see that the scenery isn’t only in my dreams.

I’m back in Valencia. The warm arm that has encased me in a protective embrace is a proof of this reality. Tata is still asleep… smiling in his dreamworld. On the other side of the bed, Faith stirs and fixes her half-asleep eyes at me. She smiles and touches my face.

“Goodmorning, mamamai,” she murmurs then closes her eyes again, her warm hand still on my cheek.

The sky is still purple outside. Dawn.

…I close my eyes again, aware of the two beings I love who are with me, their warmth a blessed comfort in this early morning.


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