The Horse Did It

The final book in the HP series made me feel like a great grandmother reading/observing all that’s going on in the Epilogue.

And yet… I’m still processing it within me to reconcile that the boy who plays Harry Potter in the movies is also indeed growing up before our very eyes. Kookie has first made me aware of what Daniel Radcliffe has become with this picture:

which has been cropped considering the sensitivity of some readers.

Browsing through the web in the aftermath of The Deathly Hallows, I stumbled on a full version of the picture above (the box has been placed, again, considering other people’s sensitivities).


I can’t comment further than “Oh my God.”

This photo was part of the promotion for the stage play, Equus, where Daniel Radcliffe debuted and starred as Alan Strang.

There is no shadow of The Boy Who  Lived.



  1. Oh la la!

    When I first saw the pics (my friend Lee sent them to me through e-mail) and then later that same day on the news, I couldn’t help but squeal. Yup, that’s the word. For what, I really can’t pin it on one exact reason–a refusal to see little Harry all grown up, to refuse having other people see his body…or was it a squeal or pure pleasure? Until that time I never thought myself to be a generate. But now? Certified. Check back on first line for proof. LOL!

  2. OMFG!!!!!!!!!! O.O

    i wish i did not see that!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant even shake the thought of him having kids (DH).


    nooooooooooo… it makes me feel OLD.

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