missing persons

i am numbed by today’s weather so i’d let things slide and allow my [non-existent] concept of morality to be washed down the sewer gratings of this flood-plagued city by wondering the entire night about other people’s lives instead of minding my own business.

here’s another installment for the milk cartons…

stone temple pilot’s vocalist

scott weiland


i loved her in “with honors” 

 moira kelly


he amuses me

 renoly santiago

i’m feeling too lazy today to look for updates about these people. maybe the milk cartons will yield more clues. 

i’ll just satisfy myself by wondering how they are living their lives now…

scott could now be actively involved in crusades against domestic violence.

moira would probably star in another installment of Saw and help up the number of blood donations for red cross next year.

renoly would star as the leading man opposite that cute lady in innocente de ti in the newest telenovela to hit the philippine prime time. airing rights are still fought over by the two rival networks, the kapamilya and kapuso factions. renoly would come to the philippines and do the lambada on noontime shows, resurrecting the long-dead entertainment quality we all missed from the 80s [cringing as i write this].


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