Month: November 2007

Crash course

The nerves of my left knee and right elbow are screaming in agony right now.

Tata and I figured in a motorcycle crash yesterday.

No brakes. A curve in the road. Rear wheel sliding on slimy cement road. Spin. Spin. Ugly roar of motorcycle engine. A ditch. Skin kissing concrete. Rolling. Blood, tissue. Gristle.

I  found myself rolling. When I got up, the motorcycle, now upside down in a drainage ditch, was whining, the rear wheel spinning and spinning. I thought it might explode. Tata was at least two yards away, his head down on the ground. I was relieved to see him try to get up. I saw my raw left knee, blood oozing from it. I started towards the motorcycle to turn it off before it really explodes but Tata beat me to it.

I sat on a rock by the roadside, our companions in another motorcycle approaching with worried looks. Tata came towards me. I was looking down when he came to where I sat. Blood dripped on my leg whenTata’s head hovered over me. I looked up and saw that his chin was split. The wide gash spurting blood, making his goatee glisten with maroon liquid.

Stitches. I thought. That needs stitches.

Our friends took us to the hospital. The scrapes on my elbow and my knee got dressings. Tata’s chin got a couple of stitches. Nothing was broken so we were discharged after a few minutes.

Sleeping was difficult last night. My nerves were still raw and it was so hard to find a comfortable position so I could sleep. Also, the moment when the motorcycle went out of control kept coming back like an awful scene from a B-movie I would not dream of directing. But Tata slept soundly beside me and it was only this morning that he complained that his chin, as well as his other wounds and scrapes, hurt.

Nevertheless, despite the hurt and discomfort, we are both thankful that we got away from the crash with just the minor scrapes and the wound on his chin.

We’re in town now having our motorcycle’s brakes fixed.