…stumbling through…

Nothing’s definite yet so pardon me if I don’t go into the details of the foggy experiences I’ve been accumulating since October 1.

I tried to be faithful in my writings, especially in this journal, but my time is tied to what has been happening these past months. Suffice to say that it involves having a paycheck again. Hopefully, I can give a punto per punto accounting by mid-January…

There is a cause for personal celebration: My muse has returned after a long vacation in the Bahamas, tanned and lithe. Ever since she got back, she’s constructively distracted me by insisting that I smell every flower by the roadside — weeds and thorn-bearing flora included — and take impressions. I haven’t written anything down but my brain is again swimming in a vat of nonsensical(?) data from all those nature trips with The Muse. I’m loving it! Yet one of these days I’ll be needing a Pensieve to empty out my overloaded head.

Happy Yuletide Season, everybody!!! may this season shower you and your loved ones with the blessings of love, mirth, and abundance!


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