Month: January 2008

dreaming of winter

spent the entire morning making woodfires, to chase the chill away, and roasting fish, while i cried as acrid smoke got into my eyes.

outside, smoke curled against the grey skies, and the wind kept whistling through anything ready enough to withstand the fierce, gale-force onslaught.

it felt like a cozy reunion, too. what with our house being quite full of people for the next few days: tita jane of the s.u. divinity school, rev. park from korea, mother, eu (tate’s father), and faith.

the breakfast table teemed with rootcrops (as per request of the city people who had enough of the holiday bingeing) and with conversations about religiousity, dogma, charity, politics, chocolate bars, toilet training, and how the guinamos nicely complements the camote and the gabi.

nobody wanted to take notice of the bratty weather. it was chilly, chilly, chilly! but everybody was talking, making a point, expressing an opinion, reacting, yelling, laughing… it was a happy madhouse!

my efforts at building the woodfires turned into an impromptu grill-fest when the fires died down and the embers seemed to beg for a second lease in life, followed by an early lunch of roasted fish. afterwards, although it was still raining like kingdom come, tate drove me down to town so i could catch a jeepney for the office.

i still feel like it’s yuletide. the only thing missing from my little house in the prairie scene is the white blanket of snow all over the landscape.

now, where did my mittens go?