Month: February 2008

Glorious Helios

ahh… the Sun’s out after spending almost two weeks cozily cuddled up among dark, jealous clouds who would not want to share the Sun’s warmth with mere mortals sloshing about on muddy paths and slippery roads.

and the heat! o, exquisite heat! it sears melanin-deficient skin and makes one wince. still, it is glorious that fears of summer not arriving this this year are apparently baseless and can be banished from the mind like a nonsensical smack on the lips from some random stranger.

so now, the city is giving off moisture, and the air is sticky and muggy with the escaping humidity. the city’s liquids are evaporating, dessicating the buildings, the roads, the trees, the grasses, the humans… by and by everything will be drier than a slice of choke-inducing marble loaf from the office canteen.

still, summer’s nearly here. the darker tiki side of myself is clanging the bars of her cage. a few more days, still… a few more days.