The Goddess of Discord 


Mayhap it is your day,

Lady who delight

In bloodshed and strife.

Mayhap ’tis your time

Your moment to shine,

Immortally disagreeable.

Shaking rafters in peaceable households

Couples now tear walls

And scratch, hiss, yell, curse

Where there were once

Only whispers of soft words.

Sisters now stab each other

Front, back, center.

Hug and kiss they used to. 

Sieze your day,

Throw an apple in the way,

Eris, queen of others’ misery.

Hear the moans of mere mortals

Groaning in the agony of discord

Gnashing teeth

In anger, sadness, rue.

Wafts strewn by your

Discordant presence.

Sieze your day


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