My Comfort Food

Okay, here’s something I should have done ages ago but it completely slipped from my spongy gray matter. Lurchie tagged me to name my comfort food.

Hmm. I do love food — whether it be gourmet, deli, or cooked in some provincial nanay’s woodstove, I love food. But those that stand out and bring great cheer to my palate are those that are simply made, home cooked, and done with love (and it shows through the waistline I’m lugging about). But my weight is one matter I shall not write about in this blog, so, here are three favorites that provide a source of solace when the going gets tough and my soul needs a little soothing to face what lies ahead.

(never mind the calories just for a moment)

1) Fried Chicken

my memories of my late grandfather (on my father’s side) involved Sunday lunches with the Sunday special crispy-fried chicken from KFC. the family (during those happier times) would sit around the table and share a bucket of chicken, exchange jokes and family news. I considered including gravy as a separate comfort food, but i guess it just goes well with the chicken. Today, at work, I still seek out fried chicken from the office canteen when I am feeling just a bit overwhelmed.

2) White Bean Stew

a very simple and homely dish. i seek this out each time the weather gets too cold and i need something that would warm me down to my toes. works every time!

3) Spaghetti Carbonara

light, creamy, with just the right zap of garlicky flavor. i prefer eating this rather than discussing its flavorful merits.

Therefore, I conclude, from the above display of gustatoria, that I am no sweet tooth. Savory dishes are what makes me happy.

(I’m tagging anybody who stumbles on this post. Happy Eats!)

images courtesy of my for the chicken, the fat-free vegan for the beans, and steffen’s dinners for the spaghetti.


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