weekend lament

veiled. padded. glum.

come to think of it, i haven’t used the word forlorn lately.

days like this are here again. i feel cut off from all of reality. again, i am viewing the world through a lens, and again, i feel that i am not part of anything that goes on over there.

maybe it is time to try something new. or maybe it is time to go up the attic, unlock the trunk, get the dusty nine-league slippers out, and head out the door to goodness knows where.

i am a believer in the good found in each person, which is just waiting to be unearthed like a genie coming out from a dusty lamp. yet often, dusty lamps are just empty dusty lamps. so i guess it’s no wonder that i am lugging about a bagful of frustrations.

but there’s hope, i think. i am a believer that this, too, shall pass.

i could use a weekend off.



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