picked this up from lurchie

hey lurchie, if you are reading this, know that i’ve followed your suggestion of how to increase traffic to my site and listed the broken coffee cafe in the Million Blog List (i’m #942).

and lurch, i’ve also listed myself in wiki’s wikibog directory, as per your suggestion, too. yep, i added my blog addy to those categories that i think were appropriate.

and, oh, for everybody else reading this post, the Million Blog list is simply an experiment to see how long it will take for the 1,000,000th blogger to list him/herself in the million blog list’s site. as lurchie said, there’s still a lot of numbers waiting to be filled.

I’ll wait and see in the coming days what surprises this might bring.

thanks monkey keeper.



  1. Because of you I also listed on the Million Blog List. Thank you. I see that you don’t have their logo on your site. Do you know if we can add it to our blog on wordpress?

  2. You’re welcome. I haven’t had the chance today to try if their logo works; i’d do it tomorrow. so just drop by anytime in the following days to check if i’ve managed to display it.

    by the way, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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