have skills, will work

ha. here i am touting the title “deranged palmist” and yet i feel i haven’t lived up to the handle.

for the sake of my well being, which is suffering from being stifled in an office cubicle most hours of the week, and hoping that this may somehow help spread the word about other stuff i do after my day job, i shall be reading palms again (and cards as well).

preferably, considering that i am based in dumzville in the philippines, it’s one-on-one, the more up-close, the better. send me fireworks signals through derangedpalmist@gmail.com for those of you who are interested. readings shall be by appointment.

long-distance readings will have to be arranged on a case-to-case basis as i am still figuring out if scanning palms, receiving the .jpg or .bmp image through e-mail, and sending out my reply through the wide WWW is ethical.

ciao for now.



  1. how bout if i cut my hand off and send it to you.. ๐Ÿ˜€ wud dt b ok? hehehehehhe u still haven’t given my full reading yet… gadali2x ra mn ta ato sauna.. didto pa to sa ka “yaj”… hehehe

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