currently reading: Language of the Body

Redcaptrio, a colleague, lent me this book that, at first glance, reminded me of the sort of reading material that the discipline officer in my high school used to confiscate from her pheromonal teenage captives students.

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The book, however, is very insightful, being a research on how a person’s posture determines their personality type. A discussion that really grabbed my attention was when the author, Alexander Lowen, put forth his theory that the aches all over our bodies are the result of some unresolved issues in the past. The aches are caused by keeping the tension within, thus distorting the posture and cramping the muscles. Each time a past hurtful experience or issue is re-lived by an individual, the action adds stress and strain to the tensed muscle, resulting in its hardening and rigidity. This thread piqued my interest because I’m someone who keeps reliving the “mire” of what has been. And I’m someone who suffers aches and creaks in my joints, which I cannot really blame on so much bad posturing; after all, I’ve been taught how to sit up and stand up properly, thanks to that discipline officer in high school.

I’m halfway through the book, and I’m ingesting the data found within really slowly — partly because it’s written in highly technical English of ca. 1950s, which requires a Martian Unix7 language decoder, and also because at each and every extrapolation that the author made about the different character types, I kept going through the personal impressions I have of people I’ve met over the course of the years and tried to equate their behavior and posture with what was written by Dr. Lowen.

That discipline officer I’ve mentioned earlier… well, my guess is that she has a masochistic character trait.



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