This Post was Brought to You by the Letter C

Good morning girls and boys! Today you will be enthralled and entertained as I present to you another post glorifying the wonderful goddess person that i am.

Lurchie tagged me to name ten things that start with the letter “C.”

So, hang on to your hats and keep glued to your seats as I give you

“The Letter C”

  • Cookies = my favorite Sesame Street character of all time is Cookie Monster because we share the same love, which is… you got it! “Cookies!” C’mon everyone, sing with me if you know the song “Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!”
  • Campfire = ghost stories and sleeping under starry skies
  • Crayola = best brand of crayons
  • Cramped = (verb, does this count?) is what I get to be after a number of hours sitting in front of a
  • Computer = which is my best friend in the workplace — we stare at each other for hours on end
  • Champola = wafer sticks that I plan on buying for Faith later
  • Cheese = been talking with Tata about cheese earlier today (don’t ask!)
  • Curse = how do I make one?
  • Celsius = unit of temperature
  • Coins = I have a lot in my bag, making it heavier than usual

There ya go! Another insightful post to start your day right.

As you got this far reading this, you’re tagged as It!



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