i hope all days aren’t like this

guess what?! there are no tasks at work for today.

even though it’s sunday, i’ve been assigned, along with several colleagues, to be in the office for eight hours today as “payment” for a day later this month when we’ll have no work because of some interior upgrade that would involve drilling and hammering and sawing and building within the office.

still, i can’t (and won’t) complain much because when i got to the office, the in bin is actually empty. and because my eight-hour attendance today is compulsory, i can’t head off to just anywhere and come back later.

what must one do when faced with such challenge? there’s no other recourse but visit the web neighborhood. thus, this is when i stumbled upon photobucket’s “insert a face” photoediting taskbar. it filled my few hours after i finished a pending task i had from yesterday.

here’s one of my creations (that’s me in the green strappy dress with my chichuahua. on my left is my new best friend).

scary, i know, and i like cats better. hehehe.



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