What’s inside YOUR purse?

Bloghopping through the Monkey Keeper’s site today had me coming off from reading her entries with being tagged to gut out my purse, or in my present case, a Caterpillar messenger bag (I just came from the beach where  the company-sponsored team-building activity was held), and list down the contents.

This meme has ground rules of its own, and the Monkey Keeper says that they go like this (with a bit of rephrasing):

the first one lists the contents of her/his purse/bag that s/he would find in a usual time, and the next one shows the list of the contents of the purse/bag of the person from whom s/he received the tag.

My bag contains the following items:

  • a change of clothing (corduroy pants and a gauzy blouse; these are not part of the usual contents of my bag)
  • a coin purse given by the Monkey Keeper
  • loose coins that have somehow escaped from my coin purse
  • driver’s license
  • bank ATM card as I meant to withdraw money today (but I didn’t)
  • a spring-bound notebook for the random doodles and thoughtforms
  • a green highlighter
  • key to my motorcycle, which hangs from a heart-shaped keyholder that Daphy gave after she got back from Singapore
  • company ID
  • a paperback with the title “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time.” Another not usual item to be found in my bag. I slipped this into my bag at the last minute before going out from the house, thinking that I’d have something to read when things got dull at the team-building run (which never happened; more on this in a later post). As for the title, let’s just say I’m getting in touch with my ancestral roots
  • a Pilot G-2 pen for caricatures
  • a Mitsubishi BA-45 pen for regular writing
  • a jumbo nail clipper (I wonder how it got there; not usual stuff)
  • a compact
  • a tube of lip gloss
  • an almost empty bottle of my favorite cologne

Seems like I lug a lot of stuff around.

And the person who tagged me (Ann, a.k.a. the Monkey Keeper) has a purse that contains the following items:

  1. Ball pens (I normally have 2)
  2. Coin purse (I don’t bring a lot of cash around especially since the frequent robberies here)
  3. Glasses (I hate wearing my glasses all the time, but I use them frequently)
  4. Menthol stick/cone (for headaches, colds, nausea: Five Cranes)
  5. Eye-drops (Celluvisc MD; Sterile Opthalmic Drops Eye Lubricant – opthalmologist prescribed)
  6. Beauty kit (just in case I feel like going girly [lipgloss, lipstick, eyeliner,face powder, leave-on conditioner])
  7. Cellphone
  8. Hair doctor comb
  9. Small notepad
  10. Company ID

For this meme to keep on rolling, I’m tagging Earnest, Contrariwise, Moonstruckfemme, and Becky.



  1. Hi Feyoh! Thanks for adding me , sis! yeah, I love my pups so much. I have four of them. Really a handful but it’s okay. Lexie is my favorite though because he’s my first baby.

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